All new members have to go through an induction process with one of the coaches before they join – these are held every few weeks and are aimed at making sure the rider is safe around the track – for themselves and others.

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Don’t worry if this is your first experience at the track, there is lots to get your head around but we hope we have explained most of it here. Our team are always on hand to answer questions and have lots of knowledge and experience to help answer your questions – please always feel free to ask

On your first visit it may look a little confusing but if you go to the cabin first and ask for someone to help you.

When you come for your first full event, wherever it be a race or coaching session, we will arrange someone to guide you through the early stages – its really quite simple once you have done it once.

To ride on the track, including coaching sessions, you must wear some basic safety equipment as shown in picture;

A full face helmet – road helmets are not acceptable, but the club does have a selection for hire.

Full Fingered Gloves – again the club has a small selection for hire

Long Sleeved shirt and Full length trousers with Soft soled shoes – correctly fitted

As you progress beyond club racing to regional level, you will need more equipment with extra padding and protection such as knee, elbow and shin pads, body protectors, etc. to meet the race regulations – have a look at what other riders use and decide what is best for you.

The club sometimes has some pre-owned kit for sale – ask at the cabin.

Otherwise have a look at a few BMX websites – we suggest you use a regular shop so again ask for recommendations.

Once you have had a go round the track and decide you want to do more you need to join the club. Royston Rockets is linked to the British Cycling Club Support system so joining is easy – just click below and follow the instructions – when it asks if you want to join British Cycling (BC) itself, this is your choice as to race or coach at club level you do not need to be a BC member – more on that later.

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We have an FAQ / Terms page which we think will help you understand some of the information around the web site – click here to try it.
If you want to know more information on racing itself please click here