Coaching sessions are for club members only and by invitation only issued by the Coaches using the Spond App.

All those participating in coaching are requested to complete the latest Consent Forms – you can download here and complete before arrival for your invited session.

New Rider Induction/taster sessions.
Why should I take part in an induction/taster session?

The idea of taking part in one of these sessions is for the coaches to assess what level of rider you are, and to teach you a basic understanding of the track rules.
Riders taking part in these taster sessions are aged 4years and upwards – it’s not unusual to have riders trying for the first time aged 40 years +.

The aim is to be able to progress through to the other coaching sessions and then onto the race series.
To move on to the first level of coaching you will need to be able to complete a non stop lap of the track confidentiality and safely, and be able to pedal standing up for 50m.
A qualified club coach will asses your skill level.
When you move onto the beginner coaching sessions a club membership will be required please click here for details

For dates please see the “Diary Dates” page.

The Coaching sessions are aimed at taking novice riders through club and regional racing and further as part of the British Cycling BMX Pathway.


The clubs qualified coaching team run sessions designed for the complete novice through to expert riders and they attend many of the races at Regional and national level to support the clubs members.

Coaching Fee – £6.00 – please note, Members only

Groups are as follows

Group, 1 – 9.30am to 11.00am  – expert riders which are National / regional riders
Group, 2 – 11.15am to 12.45pm  – intermediate riders which are Regional riders
Group, 3 – 1.00pm to2.30pm  – club riders that have raced club races or just starting their BMX race career. 

The coaches will confirm what group the rider is in however if you want to discuss this we are all open to helping each rider and parent understand the criteria.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Below we have a video by two of our coaches giving more information on club coaching and two videos made by Gillette World Sport by World Elite riders on various aspects of BMX Racing;

If you would like to know more about the Coaching Pathway after club sessions please click here

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