CLUB RACE SHIRTS – New version in Black

These shirts are ordered from a specialist Race Shirt manufacturer and can be ordered via Richard Townsend at Pure Bicycles – give him your completed order form at the track or email to him at

Please note, if you really want to have a number on your shirt it must either be the last 3 digits of your BC membership number or your current National ranking – any other numbers must be avoided. Names are very much better as you are unlikely to change your name each year and it helps the commentator get your name announced as you race.

Please CLICK HERE to download an order form

The following Rockets clothing below is online now.

If you want other colours or custom items please contact B73tees Directly.

Click Here to see the range and place orders


Please go to…/club-design-plate-pack –and follow the website’s instructions and contact them for any questions. 

For information on your plate number please click here