All riders must use a plate displaying the number with which they have registered. Riders displaying
a different number to that they have registered on may be relegated to last place +2 points.
Royston BMX Club and BMX East allow Regional Series riders to choose which plate they use but they must use the plate and number colour combinations specified for the class in which they are racing as given in the BC regulations.
CHAMPIONSHIP Elite – White plate, black numbers Junior – Black plate, white numbers
CHALLENGE Male/Boys – Yellow plate, black numbers Female/Girls – Blue plate, white numbers
CRUISER All – Red plate, white numbers
For Club and Regional events, riders may use a race number which can be generated from one of the following:

  • Regional Yellow plates with black regional standings from the previous summer series and the “.3” regional
  • Their National standing from the previous years National Series. A rider who is riding out of the class in
    which the standing was achieved must be identified with an “X”.
  • A current World or European Championship finalist may use their W or E 1 – 8 Plate until the
    next World or European Championships.
  • A current British Champion may use their “01” plate until the next British Championships
  • In the event of a clash of numbers, the rider who is riding out of the class in which it was won
    will must be identified with an “X” or as requested by Race Administration

  • If none of the above applies, i.e. riders in their first year of racing, will use the last three digits of the riders British Cycling membership number.