The Club is developing a range of race and leisure wear available for members.

CLUB RACE SHIRTS – New version in Black

These shirts are ordered from a specialist Race Shirt manufacturer and can be ordered via Richard Townsend at Pure Bicycles – track side or email at

Please note, if you have a number it must either be the last 3 digits of your BC membership number or your current National ranking – any other numbers must be avoided. Names are very much better as you are unlikely to change your name each year and it helps the commentator get your name announced as you race.


The New Rockets clothing below is online now.

If you want other colours or custom items please contact B73tees Directly.
Click Here to see the range and place orders

The following items are produced by CreationsGifty in Royston and are ordered by email. Please ensure you give full information including;

Name, Postal Address, email and phone contact details, quantity and sizes and where applicable any names to be included on the product. Payment will be expected on delivery. Collection can be at Royston Rockets Track or by postage subject to an additional £2.95

Please send an email to to place an order.  All orders will be processed within 7-10 days

CLUB HOODIES – In Blue or Black

Club Hoodies

Youth Size (year and chest size)
5-6 years (26"X28"), 7-8 years (30"-32")
9-11 years (34"- 36"), 12-13 years (38"- 40")
Adults Size (chest size)
Small (34"- 36"), Medium (38"-40")
Large (43"-44"), Extra Large (46- "48")
2X Extra Large (50"-52")
Youth Prices & personalised options
First name only £21.00, Surname only £21.00
First and Surname £22.00, No name £20.00
Adult Prices & personalised options
First name only £25.50, Surname only £25.50
First and Surname £26.50, No name £24.50

CLUB POLO SHIRTS – In Blue or Black

Polo shirts are only £15 each. 
The polo shirts have the club logo on the front as shown without names but they can be added as an option – please ask.


Sizes; (Size Code, Width in cm  X Length in cm) 
Mens                        Ladies                  Kids
S 48 x 70 3-4 (104) 35 x 46 XS 42 x 61
M 52 x 72 5-6 (116) 39 x 50 S 44.5 x 62
L 56 x 74 7-8 (128) 43 x 54 M 47 x 63
XL 60 x 76 9-11 (140 47 x 59 L 49.5 x 64
XXL 64 x 78 12-13 (152) 51 x 64 XL 52 x 65
XXXL 68 x 80 XXL 54.5 x 66

CLUB “T” SHIRTS – In Blue or Black

T shirts based on the Hoodie design  are also available to order.

New reduced prices;

Adult sixes £12 – Children £9  One or two names – Add £1 per name

Sizes – Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXL – Children age 2-3 through to 12-13

CLUB DRINK BOTTLE – 2 versions now assailable

Personalised Royston Rockets Drink Bottle 600ml Aluminium Water Bottle

£12 plus £1 extra for name and race number to be added
Dishwasher proof – Integrated straw

Personalised Royston Rockets Drink Bottle (Plastic) – £9.00
Your name and/or race number on the reverse
BPA Free – Flip Straw Design – 700ml


Royston Rockets Umbrella – £15.00
With RR logo on 4 panels