Corona Virus

Royston Rockets are following the current British Cycling and UK government guidelines on the Corona Virus and whilst we will be providing helmets at this time please ensure that each one is sprayed with the product supplied by the club. Gloves will not be available at this time but bikes will still be available.

Our understanding is that small sports clubs have not been advised to stop sessions, but we would like to remind everyone that just as we are responsible for our own health, our actions may impact upon our friends, family and other club members who may be more vulnerable to any infection.

Most coughs and colds will not be due to Coronavirus at this time however the advice is for anyone with a fever, temperature or new continuous cough to stay at home, look after yourself and feel better soon.

For those coming to the club the advice continues to be to wash hands regularly, especially before eating or touching our face and importantly don’t forget to have fun!