Winter Regional Race and Club night Jan 17th

Well done to all those who took part in yesterdays regional race – conditions were pretty bad but there were some great performances across the age range. Many thanks to all the volunteers who got up early to set the track up – after many years of dragging the old club caravans up to the track the extra hour in bed is great and the team work to set up the track, etc. is a pleasure to see in action.

It does prove that “many hands make light work!”

However, the down side of running the event is that the track is not in good condition and the parking area is quite difficult in the dark, especially as it seems to of continued to rain all night!

In the interest of safety and getting the track back into good repair the Tuesday flood lit session has been cancelled for January 17th but we hope – if the weather improves a little to be back to normal next Saturday.

Sorry for any inconvenience