Calling All Girls & Ladies!


It’s “Girls Can Do Week” from Monday the 6th to Sunday the 12th of June In Hertfordshire  so the Royston Rockets BMX racing Club want as many Girls, Ladies and as many women as possible and yes that includes the Mum’s of children that take part in our weekly coaching sessions to get to the track on the 9th of June at 6pm to have a go at getting around the BMX Track!

Girls Only session……. Our aim as coaches is to get you to do a full lap around the BMX track in a safe, fun way with all the correct coaching points so you can show everyone you can do it!.

The session is £2.50 per rider and that covers the hire of the bikes.- of course you can bring your own bikes if you want to.

Just say yes via the web site Contact Us page and we will get you booked in and give you more info about the session and what’s expected.

We look forward to hearing from you all!

Best Regards

Lee & Darren