Coaching sessions on the 25th November

Dear riders & parents.

As from the next coaching sessions on the 25th November and then the last Saturday of every month we will be changing the coaching format/structure.

The benefit of this is that every session will now be 1 and a half hours long, the whole track will be closed just for your session so no more sharing the track with other sessions and there will be a progressive structure controlled by the coach who is in charge of your group.

All the coaches are 100% committed to making sure every rider progresses in a structured way, and more importantly having fun while learning…….

By doing the above you the parents have to be committed to getting yourselves and your children to the track for as many sessions as possible for this to work, and work well.

There are three groups and they are made up like this

Group, 1 – 9.30 start 11.00 Finish – expert riders which are
National riders or the very best regional riders
Group, 2 – 11.30 start 1.00pm Finish – intermediate riders which are
Regional riders
Group, 3 – 1.30 start 3.00pm Finish – club riders which are
Club riders that have raced club races.
Novice / beginners
Two Groups With Two Coaches
We can only accommodate 16 riders per coach so you have to book in for every session

The coaches will decide what group you or your child is in however if you want to discuss this we are all open to helping each rider and parent understand the criteria.

You have to be booked in so get booked in as soon as possible and then we can let you know what group you are in for the first session.
You cannot just turn up any more.
All riders to turn up and be ready to start their sessions 15 minutes before the start time.
New cost is £6.00

Please contact Lee via web site contact page or direct if you have any questions.

The Coaching Team.

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